There come the need. Ready built on the market hoist priced too much, doesn’t fit, or just simply, too less functionality for our taste, so… we make our own.



1) 2” X 3” X 6m (19.68ft) rectangular bar (inner thickness = the thicker the better).
2) 0.5-1 ton rated hook, clips, heavy duty wheels and necessary connections.
3) metal cutter, grind, welding machine and necessary tools for typical metal work.
4) ready made purchased off the shelf, chain hoist / block (2 ton or more the better).

Conceptual drawing


I drew the basic and important layout for the hoist, ie the structure made out of 2”x3” rectangular bar, and I resized them so a 6m long bar can make all the components. Why? Because here in my place, rectangular bars are sold in 6m length, so by fitting all the components in lesser than 6m long bar requires me to only buy 1 bar, not 2 and waste much of the 2nd bar. The hoist consists of 2 major solid components, ie the stand and the arm that can freely swings to some degree to lower and raise the load that needs lifting. Whats not shown are the holes that I drilled on the metal bars to connect the arm and the stand by a 5/8” bolt and nut. if I’m not mistaken the size is, but any reasonable size bolt nut that can withstand more or less 3-4 ton of shear stress will do, and also the wheels and hooks and auxiliary stuffs are not shown, they are welded and connected during construction (metal cutting and welding) stage (refer to picture below for more clearer idea) Below are the measurements in mm.


Hoist stand (Top view)


Hoist stand (Side view)


Hoist arm (Top view)


Below is the finished product. Enjoy!



any comment, improvement and suggestion, please contact me at soasystem@yahoo.com. Btw i’m told not to accept donation, being a beggar with no real hard work first hand is not good, but if you have more money than you can handle, rather than they will go to waste, I can accept gifts and you can put them here by clicking the button below... Cheers!



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